Thursday, 17 March 2016

GIA Basketball Tournament in Ethiopia organised by ICSA ( International Christian School of Africa)

We are grateful to the Lord and everyone who supported this activity. The trip was an exciting experience especially for the majority who were flying for the first time. Students really got many lessons from that trip. In brief, the exposure of our students to a new culture in a new community and new environment was very amazing. This could be explained by the fact of playing in a foreign country with students who are more skilled challenged the students greatly and motivated them to play even better in the future. Students also showcased their skills to their friends and learned from them too. Thus, they exchanged lessons with other students in some ways. Once more, students visibly went through mentorship. They received spiritual formation in between matches every day and this is really making impact in the life of those students. May the Lord bless abundantly everyone who contributed to make this activity happen. It was demanding but very needed and fruitful.

Fish Farm project

Fish Farm Project in Cibitoke Homes of Hope is going well. It's a project which is being successful. Kids are acquiring needed proteins from fishes. It's now time for harvest. We are thinking about expanding the project to also provide fishes for the needy surrounding community. We pray for abundant blessings to the supporters of our different projects.