Wednesday, 3 August 2016

GIA Summer School    
The students from GIA have had a chance to break up their long summer holidays with good training, the last week of June and to other more weeks since 11-22nd July, 2016. Within those three weeks, the National Office was filled with life and energy as the students were coming each day to take part. They had two different teachers covering two different subjects:
William Caswell from USA, South– Carolina, with lessons to assist finalists students on how to prepare for some international tests allowing access to English universities like SAT. The Entrepreneurship course was covered by Sandra Dennis from USA, Seattle. It’s a very needed course to raise up these godly generation of leaders with an open mind. It’s also good for the students to get out of the house and continue to learn, grow and expand their minds whilst there are no expectations and pressure of exams and grades. They  were grateful to the Lord to have an opportunity to learn those lessons. May the Lord bless fully those who made this happen (Sandra Dennis, Will Caswell and BYFC Team). We pray for more volunteers to come and serve with us.

                 A two weeks Holiday for HOH Kids

We keep seeing the favor of the Lord upon all our Homes of Hope children (orphanages). They are well and growing both physically and spiritually. Please pray with us as all the kids are in Summer holidays with their biological siblings when the financial situation is critical during this socio – political crisis in Burundi. Some did not have any of their relatives to welcome them . But  praise the Lord as YFC staff decided to receive them in their different homes to avoid children staying lonely in the orphanage.

                                                                                                      Construction Work

Building work is going on at all the Burundi Youth for Christ sites as we prepare for the new school year. This is how far we are with constructions: At Bwoga (a new site for FHS Gitega), we are busy adding more classrooms for the nursery and high school level. At Cibitoke, we are building a Headmaster’s office and a new home to house the new orphans to come soon. We praise the Lord as the building work is already done at Makamba. Talking about  GIA, we are busy with finishing works for the multipurpose room, adapting the kitchen to the standard required by the Association of Christian School International.  The building under constructions will hold boys dormitory to house the new students , multipurpose hall ... This will free up existing classroom space for the new grade 7 classes that will start at the end of August.
Building work has been an on-going project at GIA; expanding each year until the school reaches Grade 12. Now that we have reached Grade 12, we will be evaluating to make sure if we have enough space to house the entire school’s worth of students. We are grateful to your support and pray that the Lord will rewards you fully!

Staff Recruitment

We are recruiting  new teachers for the Future Hope schools in Gitega, Cibitoke and Makamba. We had a huge response with many applicants to assess and interview to ensure we selected those with the best skills and teaching abilities for our young children.
We are also busy recruiting new teachers and volunteers for Gitega International Academy and a Headmaster for Future Hope School High School. We pray for a successful recruitment so as to have faithful and skilful teachers and staff to help us build the Kingdom of the Lord.