Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Discipleship at Gitega in YFC Ministry

YFC likes to partner with others to spread the Word of God as widely as possible. These last months, we welcomed a
team from Youth With A Mission. They spent time in Gitega busy building the children and youth of this nation in discipleship.  They also shared the love of God through drawing and colouring. Let’s invest in the youth to prepare the future. Please pray with us for this plan.  
educational pictures on the walls in some of the nursery classes. It’s like planting the seeds in good soil. When you sow a grain, you wait until it grows. Let's always have a hope and trust in the Lord!

Electric poles in Gitega Homes of Hope

The Lord makes a way where there seems to be no way, and no one knows his hour to intervene! We spent many years praying for mains—
powered electricity at Gitega Homes of Hope, using solar panels which were expensive to install and fix, and therefore limited how much we could use it.  Curiously, during this period of political and Economic crisis, when we could not expect it, the government company in charge of electricity has just came and installed electric poles next to the Homes of Hope. Hopefully, this means that mains—powered electricity will soon follow, which will  be cheaper and less stressful for both Shammah Health  Center and Homes of Hope. We are grateful to the Lord and  we pray for the next step of installing electricity to be quick. 

Farming Project
It’s a joy to share with you that farming project is becoming generative in the life of our ministry. We are grateful to the Lord as we cultivate different items to feed the kids. The farming project is making an impact in the lives of our kids in all our Homes of Hope ( Gitega, Cibitoke and Makamba). The children are now having milk, meat and vegetables more often than before and the soil is being fertilized to improve productivity.  May the Lord bless you abundantly!
 These last months, with the help of Villages of Life Australia, we bought a new land in Cibitoke to cultivate and grow vegetables and other plants for kids. Yeah, there is a hope for enough harvest to feed the kids and surrounding community.