Monday, 10 December 2018

East Africa Region Competency Development Conference

We are excited to share with you that together with Youth for Christ International/Africa Leadership Team , 
we organized an East Africa Region    Competency Development Conference which took place in   Burundi from October 25th - 31st, 2018.   A team of thirty representatives from the head office and different projects of Youth for Christ Burundi attended that conference. We had an amazing time. The conference was honoured by different leaders from Burundi. The Youth for Christ Africa Leader who  normally focussed on Family Matters, encouraged participants by   sharing his    passion to mobilise   participants to mobilise Indigenous leaders, particularly young people by   engaging, empowering and   equipping them to bring hope to this generation. The   message  was shared with YFC staff delegates from Youth for Christ  Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi who attended the   conference. Different topics were on the agenda:   - Family Values, Stewardship, Evangelism, Spiritual formation and Discipleship. We are grateful to the Lord as the speakers and facilitators happen to meet the expectations of the Participants.

Homes of Hope ( orphanages) Updates

Kids in all the Homes of Hope are doing well. Some of them have been suffering from illness these last weeks, but we are thankful that they are recovering now. The children no longer feel orphans. They are growing well and are rejoiced to have sponsors. Their life have been dramatically changed since their arrival in Homes of Hope. They have mums to give them food, wash their clothes and take care of them. The eyes of YFC Burundi leaders are opened wider to dreams that only God can make this possible, along with practical tips towards the goal of sustainability in the YFCB     projects for a best future of these children. The Homes of Hope 
( Orphanage) is  trying to run multiple projects to sustain themselves and help different groups of people in the community. We are grateful to you all who are sponsoring these kids.  Please  continue to pray with us for the health and wellness of our kids, organizations and nations.

 School Project
Future Hope School students are already in their period of exams for their first term during this 2018 and 2019 school year. We attach great importance to preparation of students for    success. The results of this is observable as our schools are ranked among the best schools in Burundi. We give glory to the Lord! We are also grateful to the Lord for the good health of both Future Hope School and Gitega International Academy students. Please continue praying with us for the students to keep moving forward in excellence. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Second Graduation at Gitega International Academy

We launched the second graduation of  Gitega International Academy, an international private Christian  boarding school in Burundi. The graduation was on the 23rd and the excitement we saw from the parents and students showed their confidence in this school.  Thirty  five students graduated and the pride of the students and parents was evident.

Our principle mission is to offer quality, internationally recognized education. We aim to provide academic, moral and cultural education to the students to enhance their relationship to others in local, national and international communities through exemplary leadership. By this we contribute to the expansion of secondary school enrolment in Burundi, build capacity for ministry of Education in Burundi thus improving the education standards and producing young leaders who will impact their communities. We praise the Lord as  this dream is becoming a reality. Please continue praying with us for next step.

Future Hope School Students in Summer Holidays

During Summer Holidays, the Future Hope School pupils spent a ten days practicing different kinds of games, songs, drama, learning IT basics,...
These lessons were taught by former GIA students ( graduates) who preferred to share their knowledge with their young brothers and sisters. They were under the supervision of Future Hope School class teachers. We are so grateful to the Lord for a such activity.

Building activities and school report

The Lord is so faithful! Thanks to your support, we've been able to build a Science Lab at Gitega International Academy and new classrooms for the Future Hope Schools. We thank the Lord as some of  our students were selected among the best pupils at the national level to sit for a national exam. We praise the Lord, they succeeded and our schools are classified among the best schools in Burundi. Yeah,your support was not in vain. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Accreditation of Gitega International Academy 

Please help us to thank the Lord. After four years of  long process and hard work, Gitega International Academy has been recently recommended for Accreditation of Christian Schools International. All Glory goes to the Almighty! This achievement is a fruit of perseverance and hard work.  Thank you so much for all the time you spent praying with us.

 Labor Day Celebration

 It was so enjoyable to see Youth for Christ Staff celebrating together the Labor Day together with all our staff and school teachers. After the parade, the employees took the opportunity to exchange with their employer sharing lunch of the day. The employees thanked Burundi Youth for Christ for the contribution to the celebration of this ceremony, all accomplishment that they realized thanks to YFC Burundi and asked their employer to continue helping them to keep moving forward. May the Lord continue guiding everyone in his/her plan.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

School Project

The Easter Break for both the Future Hope Schools and Gitega International Academy went well. We are grateful to the Lord!  The results of the first term were good and they also succeeded for the second term.
In addition, we also have building work underway, especially at our new site, Bwoga where we have Gitega Future Hope School. Normaly, the school ( FHS) started in Masenga ( the same site as Homes of Hope and Shammah Health Center). But each year we have had to add more classrooms to accommodate our pupils. This is due to both the government extending the number of school grades taught within a primary school, and a constant high demand for school places from parents. Now we have a second site so we can continue to expand. We plan to add more classrooms ready for September, and we are busy building to protect our pupils.Our schools aren’t just schools these are places to transform lives for Jesus. We are working on their “3Hs”heads, hearts and hands to change Burundi forever.  There is a hope. Yes we need more schools as our vision is to raise up a generation of godly leaders for Burundi and Africa. Everyone including non-Christians and Muslims are fighting to bring their kids to our schools.
Farming Project
It’s a joy to share with you that farming project is becoming generative in the life  of our ministry. We are grateful to the Lord as we cultivate different items to feed the kids. The farming project is making an impact in the lives of our kids in all our Homes of Hopes (Gitega, Cibitoke and Makamba). The children are now havingmilk, meat and vegetables more often than before and the soil is being fertilized to improve productivity. We have a big harvest of corns in Cibitoke this season. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Friday, 23 February 2018

                                              Happy New Year to you all! 

Dear partners, sponsors, supporters and friends, it is our great honour to recognise and    appreciate you for the support you have given us this entire year, for your consistent prayers for us and the many different ways you have touched many through this ministry. On behalf of everyone at Burundi Youth for Christ, we want to wish you all a very blessed year 2018.
In January, we welcomed volunteers from UK who came to help us teach at Gitega International Academy. We have also worked tirelessly with GIA school to get GIA accreditation in NAPS and now we keep  praying for everything required to get the school accreditation in

This past year has been economically hard here in Burundi. However, 2017 has been a year of big developments in GIA and in YFC in
general; firstly by giving graduation to the second GIA laureates and celebrating the Thanksgiving day for the 17 years of YFC existence in Burundi. In addition, all our schools, Gitega International Academy and Future Hope Schools in Cibitoke, Gitega and Makamba, are       classified among the best schools in the whole country. We are grateful to the Lord for that.

We thank all our guests, volunteers and short term mission teams who have worked with us this last year, we pray that you will continue to follow our journey as we move forward into the year to come…

Baptism in Homes of Hope( Orphanages)

Two of our Homes of Hope kids studying at Gitega International 
Academy( GIA) recently get baptised. This is a very exciting news! Some of our GIA students have been so touched by the chapel services and testimonies of the staff during their time in the school, that they decided to give their lives to Christ. This is cause for a great celebration!

A big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have worked hard in the HOH and chapel
services, even when there was no sign that their words or actions were taking root.
Everything happens in God’s time. They were baptised this month in the same church of the Homes of Hope  responsible. We continue praying for them to well
continue this journey of Salvation. In addition, we keep enjoying the Love of God among us.
Recently, these two young boys compete with other many Burundians to get scholarships to study in one of the best high schools of the African continent in Southern Africa at Waterford Kamhlaba United college in Swaziland and the Lord granted both seats to our boys. We praise the Lord for his favour upon them!