Thursday, 13 July 2017

First Graduation at Gitega International Academy

June 2017 has been a busy and exciting month for everyone at Burundi YFC. We launched the graduation of the first international
private Christian  boarding school in Burundi. The graduation was on the 17th and the excitement we saw from the parents and students showed their confidence in this school.  Thirty two students graduated and the pride of the students and parents was evident.  Several of the parents offered gifts to Freddy and the other leaders to show their deep gratitude. We continue to pray that the hands of God be on GIA and Burundi YFC leaders as they work together to make this school a great success.         
Our principle mission is to offer quality, internationally recognized education. We aim to provide academic, moral and cultural education to the students to enhance their relationship to others in local, national and international communities through exemplary leadership. By this we contribute to the expansion of secondary school enrolment in Burundi, build capacity for ministry of Education in Burundi thus improving the education standards and producing young leaders who will impact their communities. We praise the Lord as  this dream is becoming a reality. Please continue praying with us for next step.

Serving with Local Churches
We were so blessed to welcome, again, a team of six from North Point Church (Texas, USA).  Pastor Sallie Leifeste(the team leader), Pamela Foster, Rachel Leifetse , Brianna Dunn, and John and Angela Howarton have been in partnership with Youth for Christ Burundi since 2010 hosting seminars for local pastors in Cibitoke promoting unity among the different denominations.  During their most recent visit, they also organized a womens conference as well as a youth conference.  We know that their words and presence have both encouraged and impacted the attendees of all the conferences and we are so grateful to God for their willingness to serve.

Youth for Christ Burundi Thanksgiving day

The day after we celebrated the graduation we held a day devoted to simply thanking God for all the miraculous ways He has provided for us.  Seventeen years ago we had nothing.  There was no building, no office, no children’s home.  But there was a seed planted in the hearts of people when a woman brought us her malnourished son.  We wanted to take him but had nowhere to go.  Praise the Lord that the vision was planted that day and we stand today to testify that with God all things are possible.  Now, there are 91 children who have homes in our three orphanages across Burundi.  They have enough food and clothes. They learn about the love of their Heavenly Father and receive an education at our schools.  YFC schools have been named the best in the country, including GIA (where the graduation was held).  There are over 200 staff employed at the many locations across the country including the main office, guest houses and Shammah Health Centre. 

On this thanksgiving day, around 400 people gathered to give praise to the God who has truly made something from nothing and we will be eternally grateful for His work in our lives and our beloved country.  All the honor and glory belong to Him.

On the same day, Freddy launched his first book, Where The Cow Grass Grows, explaining his journey and God’s faithfulness.  Euphrate was welcomed as the new National Director as Freddy stepped out of the position to be the Legal Representative for the organization.  We are thankful that God will continue to guide us with His wisdom from here.

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