Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Student’s Graduation and  Thanksgiving day in Preparation

Sixteen years are over since the foundation of Youth for Christ Burundi by Freddy Tuyizere. 
This organisation
 spent all these years witnessing God’s provision. It started from a tent as both an office and orphanage at Gitega . But now, it has a building at Bujumbura (headquarter office), three sites at Gitega, one site in Cibitoke, a site in Makamba and hopefully another one to start in Ngozi.  Yes he is the provider of everything. All those sites are made of five schools, three Homes of Hope ( orphanages) two Clinics and farming projects. For sure, your support was not money lost, it contributed a lot to make Freddy’s dream become a reality. BYFC is now busy organising a thanksgiving day to the Lord for all the miracles witnessed over the journey and a first students’ graduation of Gitega International Academy (one of its five schools) on the 17th and 18th of June 2017. Could you please join us and witness these God’s provision?

Operation Hannah Mothers

Operation Hannah is a movement of prayer women of our organisation. These women led by Marie
Josée Karewa, the Operation Hannah Mothers Coordinator were in Gitega this month to awaken the ladies of Gitega area to faith. The speaker of the day reminded to the participants that children, families and nations rely on pious mothers. There is no chance in life, she said. We must make a spiritual battle to achieve victory in everything. The devil never falls asleep and he is jealous of us. We must act accordingly, she added. The speaker has taught a lot about education of children to help prepare future generations to start with our children. Each was encouraged and determined more than ever. May the Lord bless the initiators and all those who contribute to the success of this project how commendable!

Partnership with Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

We are at work preaching the Good News to the children and youth of this nation in partnership with OCC and local churches. It’s like planting the seeds in the good soil. When you sow a grain, you wait until it grows. There is a hope that things will be better tomorrow. Let’s invest in the youth to prepare the future. For sure, we reap what we sow and preparing the future is investing in the youth. Please continue praying with us for the successful.