Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thank you Modeste!

Modeste is an engineer who has been working with Burundi YFC for several years. He lived in Gitega and helped us construct Future Hope School. When that was completed he moved to the Cibitoke project to help us construct the orphans' Houses, Future Hope School and medical clinic there. As these projects near completion, it's now time for him to move on again. This time to our newest project, a potential Future Hope School in Makamba.

Modeste was incredibly good with the kids in Cibitoke Homes of Hope, and they love him very much. He will be missed, but the new project is exciting too. The children had a 'Leaving Party' for Modeste, they decorated the room with streamers by themselves, and took time to share the things they loved about him.

One story that came up frequently was the way he gave kids rides on his motorbike.
The Homes of Hope children live opposite their school, barely 20 metres away, so obviously they walk there every morning. Modeste noticed that some of the children were getting upset watching parents drop their children off at school by motorbike, knowing that that would never happen for them. One day Modeste took all the children across to the school on his motorbike, giving them a ride round the courtyard to extend the journey. It took several trips to bring them all across and give them all a ride, but they were so excited and talked about it for weeks.

After the party, the children gathered around to pray for Modeste. It was very touching... as one little boy prayed:
"Thank you God for Modeste, that he built us a clinic, so one day when there's doctors there, we can go there when we're sick."

God Bless you Modeste... We will miss you in Cibitoke, but there are exciting things yet to come!

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