Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A New School Year in Burundi Youth for Christ Schools

August and September have been busy months for everyone here at Burundi Youth for Christ. In August, we were still busy building and recruiting new teachers for both the Future Hope Schools and Gitega International Academy (GIA). We then opened a new school year for both Gitega International  Academy and Future Hope Schools, Gitega, Cibitoke and Makamba. Registration day for GIA was August 28th and  excitement that we saw from the parents showed their confidence in this school. Some parents are bringing back students from East Afican Countries to GIA. God is faithful! We continue to pray for peace and wisdom so as to make this school a great success.
On the other side, the Future Hope Schools opened the new school year on the 12th of September. We praise the Lord as many parents keep showing  their confidence in these schools. We can observe it through the number of students which keeps increasing each year. . We are grateful for the light that FHS is being to the community, and we are glad to see so many students being added! The Lord is guiding the teachers, students and parents.
 In the same way, we are grateful to the Lord as building the multipurpose hall is done. It  can easily host 800 persons. Even the community will benefit from the use of it either for conference or other activities. We are now praying for the equipment.  In addition, the final constructions for the kitchen are still going on. We will be done soon and we also pray for its equipment and accreditation for GIA as we prepare for the very first graduation at GIA in June of 2017. It will be followed by a big thanksgiving service on the Sunday.

     You are welcome!

 New Faces in Homes of Hope ( Orphanages) in Makamba and Cibitoke

These two months, we were blessed to have more kids in our Homes of Hope( orphanages) Cibitoke  and Makamba. We welcomed four kids in Cibitoke whereas five kids were welcomed in Makamba. We have now a total number of 89 kids , 43 in Gitega, 39 in Cibitoke and 7 kids in Makamba. We are grateful to the Lord as the kids are well settling in. We are praying for the sponsors to help these angels. Soon, they will start serving the Lord. 
What a blessing to invest in kids life!


Water Filter at Gitega International Academy

Water Filter is here! It’s a great excitement to have water filter in GIA. Actually, boiling water everyday for around 300 students was not an easy task. If we don’t boil, we were obliged to import “Eau sirop” from Rwanda to purify the water. It’s too far and also
demanding. Now, there is no other need. It’s just connecting the filter with the jerrycan or the tank and the purified water is there. We thank the Lord for this donation from USA. It’s a huge blessing for our schools where drinking water was a big deal.  May the Lord bless  you all who keep supporting us in a way or another.

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