Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Dear partners, sponsors, supporters and friends, it is our great honour to recognise and   appreciate you, for the support you have given us this entire year, for your consistent prayers and for the different ways you have touched many lives through this ministry. On behalf of everyone at Burundi Youth for Christ, we want to wish all our friends and supporters a very blessed year 2017. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

The past year has been a hard one, here in Burundi in terms of political and economic situation.
 The price of food is increasing from day to day. The season is very bad due to drought in some areas and torrential rain even destroying houses in other areas. However, we thank the Lord as together with you through out your support, the children in the orphanages and all the people whom we are in charge of, are steel getting the minimum required to be fed and are healthy. In addition, we worked tirelessly with our staff team to get GIA construction facilities finished and now we keep praying for GIA  Accreditation in ACSI.

Since April 2015, the country entered a period of  socio–political crisis and this has been a big hindrance for the development of our country in general and our organisation in particular.
Anyway, 2016 has been a year of hard work in all our different areas. In Makamba Homes of Hope( orphanage), six new kids were welcomed and two other more in Cibitoke Homes of Hope to give home to the homeless and a pigsty to help the
projects become more self-sufficient. Talking about schools, all the Future Hope Schools and Gitega International Academy are providing a good quality education for children in the surrounding area. We thank all our guests, volunteers and short term mission teams who have worked with us last year, we pray that you will continue to follow our journey as we move forward into the new year…

Partnership with Churches

We have a privilege of starting the new year off with North Point church from USA again. These God-sent friends have decided to come twice a year to bless the Burundian pastors by organising seminars for them. This year, although the country is in socio- political crisis, we were not left by our own. The Lord sent us Pastor John Howarton( North Point Church). We are delighted to partner with these local churches and connect them with other churches for a good training.
They have many young people under them and still, we step by step realise a positive impact in the community. May God bless everyone who contribute to widespread the Kingdom of the Lord.


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